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Come to learn this unique Brazilian fight with more than 100 years of history. During their battle for freedom in the 18th century, the slaves in Brazil created Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art. In order to hide the fact that they were practicing to fight against their owners, the slaves concealed this martial art with music and dance.

Capoeira is known for its dynamic kicks and acrobatic movements. It’s a dance, a game, a cultural art form – but beneath all that it is first and foremost a highly effective martial art. Students will learn to use their bodies in ways they never thought possible.

Students of all levels and especially beginners are always welcome to join in the Capoeira classes and Four Seasons Martial Arts. Our instructor is Ray “Charuto” Jordan.

Capoeira at Four Seasons is taught under the auspices of the Cordão de Ouro organization. Our lineage is Mestre Suassuna -> Mestre Chicote -> Professor Xangô -> Instructor Antonio “Baiano” Lipsomb -> Ray “Charuto” Jordan.